We stand at a junction, looking out at what we have always been and what we have yet to become. This electronic gathering will serve as a way to decide which direction is the correct path.

The catalyst for change is a new invention by the humans, still in its testing phase. Tru Blood is a synthetic blood substitute, created to exactly mimic the real thing. It is a boon for them. No longer will the wounded be forced to rely on strangers for help. Kindness and generosity have always been random players in the field of human endeavor. Tru Blood takes some of their power away.

For Tru Blood is such a good copy that, for the first time, we no longer need to rely on the living for survival. The equation has been changed. We have the opportunity to become our own masters, no longer forced to take that which we need.

But this evolution is not without its price. How will it shape our destiny? Is the cost of coming out of the shadows too great? What will it do to who we are? Tru Blood offers us a new way. It is up to you, to all of you, to decide if we should go through the doorway.

Oyasumi nasai,

Nakatomi Clan Leader, Tokyo

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