Button Cell Battery

So, your watch has actually quit working. Either that, or time stopped at 10:15 am. Regardless, you most likely need a new button cell battery – if you’ve gone to the store, you probably realize the lots of choices you have in front of you.

button cell battery

There are different prices, kinds, sizes and selections. If you’re uncertain where to look, you’re going to be very, really baffled. As well as if you pick the incorrect battery, you can harm your watch, as well as wind up acquiring a brand-new battery faster than you would certainly such as.


The mercury button cell battery is really banned in numerous locations, so if you can find one, consider on your own both lucky and unlucky. Mercury is really, extremely dangerous, and if it’s not taken care of properly, could have severe effect on the atmosphere.

While a mercury battery can last you regarding 3 years, when you ultimately lack juice, make certain to get rid of them appropriately. While they can be relatively low-cost, there is likewise a substantial threat – so, be careful if you do make a decision to acquire one.

A mercury battery will certainly establish you back quit a bit, due to the fact that it is so hazardous. You probably will not have the ability to discover a brand-new battery anywhere in the United States.

Alkaline Watch Batteries

If you’ve bought an inexpensive watch, chances are this is the kind of battery it has in it. In fact, it’s hard to locate an inexpensively made watch that doesn’t have an alkaline button cell battery in it.

These are the more common batteries, primarily due to the fact that you can purchase them extremely inexpensively. You could get one for much less compared to a dollar at any type of gas station, medicine store, or corner store. In a pinch, an alkaline button cell battery will certainly do.

Nevertheless, these will only last you a few months – 6 at the majority of – and you’re going to have to purchase another one. It’s a problem to need to maintain changing your battery time and again, however if you’re searching for a cheap way to power your watch, this is it.

Silver Oxide

The silver oxide battery is made in the same way that the mercury battery is, yet it’s much less dangerous compared to the mercury chemical. As a matter of fact, these batteries posture little to no health or ecological risk.

The silver oxide battery lasts regarding a year to a year and 6 months. They certainly don’t last as long as mercury batteries do, however they’re very easy to get rid of, and also you could find them at most medicine stores or digital stores.


button cell battery

The lithium button cell battery is, certainly, one of the most costly button cell battery. Yet it is completely factor – these batteries have the highest possible capacity, and also could last the lengthiest.

The length of time? Approximately ten years, possibly longer, depending upon your watch, how powerful it is, and also just what you finish with it. You shouldn’t make use of a lithium battery on a high drain watch, nevertheless.

Examine your watch’s manual to see exactly what type of drain it handles the watch.

In general …

Check out what your watch requires, and what kind of energy demand it has. A lithium battery is most expensive – yet it does last the lengthiest. Relying on what your requirements are, you can find out what jobs best. If you are looking for more information on button cell battery, please visit:http://www.rise-goods.com.

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